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This is an awesome podcast about blindness technology! I will do interviews, as well as have live discussions on different blindness technology. If you love blindness technology, be sure to listen to this podcast!

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Episode 120, Technology Interview With Shaun Williams

16-01-2019 (87.44 MB)

Where Headphones. The host has left the building again. Robin Christopherson, from the Dot to Dot podcast is back to interview me. This time, however, he interviews me about my life as a volunteer trainer. Feel free to call our free tech support line.

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Episode 119, Intro To IOS

11-01-2019 (251.73 MB)

Where Headphones! In this podcast, I assist new users of IOS products in setting up their IOS device, as well as covering some important VoiceOver tips. Enjoy!

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Duration: 3:39:58 m - Filetype: mp3 (160 kbps 44100 Hz)

Episode 118, One Big Package

28-12-2018 (175.86 MB)

Where Headphones! I first remind everyone about donations. Then, I discuss technology you might think about getting in the future. Lastly, I show you a new piece of technology I got for Christmas. Enjoy!

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Duration: 1:16:50 m - Filetype: mp3 (320 kbps 44100 Hz)

Episode 117, IOS 12 and more

24-11-2018 (80.04 MB)

Kevin Andrews is back, and we talk about IOS 12 and a lot more.

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Duration: 34:58 m - Filetype: mp3 (320 kbps 44100 Hz)